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How to do Keep vertical lines as vertical in KeyShot?

In Studio, there is a feature Keep vertical lines as vertical to avoid perspective distortion on vertical edges. This is also possible in Keyshot, using a tilt-lens. But it is a bit difficult, as there are many parameters.

Real photographers also use a tilt-lens to achieve the same effect, as seen in this video for example:


  1. First, position the camera with the standard navigation tools to get the desired viewing angle.

    (Tip: Avoid views from too high or too low, as those will end up looking distorted)
  2. In the Camera tab, Set Position and Orientation to Absolute and set the Y-value of Direction (the value in the center of the table) to 0 (the model will move partially out of view, but that is okay for now).
  3. Now, set Lens Settings to Shift.
  4. Move the Vertical Shift slider to bring the object back into the view.
  5. Render your image.
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