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Problem description

When exporting nested layouts, all structural lines get converted to the same cut line.


In the Automation Engine Layout module, Export Nested Layouts task, when you export cut files all extra structural inks (e.g.: crease, kiss-cut etc), are exported with the default settings (i.e., exported as (ArtiosCAD) line type 'Cut' and ending up as tool number P2 in an ACM file).

To solve this issue:

Open the PDFPLA file in i-Cut Layout, choose Export Production Files, you may see that, by default, all lines are exported as 'Cut'.

Change the structural lines to the desired layer and Ink name.

Select okay to export the production files

The line information is now stored in a data file named SignUpExport.cfg. This file is located in one of the following places:

…\Esko\bg_data_signup_v010\custom_v010\dat or …\Esko\bg_data_custom_v010 – if you are not connected to an Automation Engine server

Copy this file, SignUpExport.cfg, to the Automation Engine server into this folder: ...:\Esko\bg_data_custom_v010\dat (ie: \\AutomationEngineServer\bg_data_custom_v010\dat )

If i-Cut Layout is configured to use the resources on the Automation Engine server then the file is automatically updated and nothing needs to be done.


Article information
Applies to

i-cut Automate 12.x

Last revised09-Oct-17
CW Number210020