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When uploading a new file to WebCenter you get the error message that the Checking and registering failed immediately. Even though the OBGE is configured correctly and the permissions on the FileStore are set correctly.


You can't view the files you uploaded in WebCenter, checking and registering fails immediately. No task gets launched at the OBGE and you don't see more details in the action history of the file. When you upload the file, you get an error message saying you should check the log files.


Be sure to first check this article:

If these steps did not help you and you find this in the severe.log when you upload a new file:

convertViewstoreUNCtoURL: "Failed to create JDF converd view store UNC"
StartViewerTaskLocal: "Failed to create JDF for Pyrout Task"

Then the person installing WebCenter did not use the UNC path but the direct path to the FileStore. To solve this you need to stop all the WebCenter services, uninstall WebCenter Application server and reinstall the Application server using the UNC path when referring to the FileStore.

We do not support changing the config files. A reinstall is needed:

Check the installation guide when re-installing the WebCenter Application server

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