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Inspect Barcode task fails with "ERROR: Image would be too large to raster" when trying to inspect at higher resolution.



This is a technical limitation. Neither the image width or height may be greater than 32768 pixels. The higher the task's resolution, the higher the number of pixels for the file's dimension. Once one of them exceeds 32768, the task will fail with this error. 


You can still run the task's general scan for the entire file at a lower (f.i. the default 300 dpi) resolution, yet use the desired higher resolution for the actual barcode inspection/analysis:

  • Create a Barcode Profile in the Global Vision Profile Editor with Resolution (Measurements) set to 600 DPI (or higher)
  • Use the Barcode Profile and the lower (standard 300 dpi) resolution in the Inspect Barcode task  
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Applies to

Automation Engine 16.1

Automation Engine all versions



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