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This KB article describes what to do when the following message is displayed while adding a proof server in Automation Engine:

"The host should contain a shared folder "ProofFolder" that is accessible for the user BGSYSTEM".


You get this message when there is NO BGSYSTEM user available on the Proof Server system. That is the case when ONLY the proof server is installed on a system, which can happen in the following situations:

  • Automation Engine and Imaging Engine are installed on the same system but the proof server is on another system.
  • Automation Engine, Imaging Engine and the proof server are all installed on a different system (three systems/ PC’s are used).

When you use the IEP DVD to install ONLY the proof server on one system, there are no Esko users created (Esko users are only created when using the Automation Engine and Imaging Engine DVD).

A proof server system without a BGSYSTEM user prevents the Imaging Engine system to copy the PDF (created by the Proof for Contract Approval ticket) from the Imaging Engine to the proof server system. Imaging Engine uses the BGSYSTEM user to copy the PDF but if the BGSYSTEM user is not available on the proof server system, then the copy process will fail.

Automation Engine will check if the proof server system contains a ProofFolder share and whether it can access that share with the BGSYSTEM user or not. This way this issue can be tackled during configuration time.


  1. Make sure that the ProofFolder share exists and is shared with "Everyone".
    1. The ProofFolder share is created during the post-install of the IEP DVD. If not available, then you can create the share yourself by sharing the x:\Esko\bg_data_ripserver_v180\proof\Tmp folder for everyone (read & write permissions).
  2. Add the BGSYSTEM user to the proof server system.
  3. Check if the password for the BGSYSTEM user are the same for the Automation Engine and proof server system.
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