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An ArtPro 18.1 or PackEdge 18.1 license is needed to run ArtPro+ 18.1.


ArtPro+ can run as companion to ArtPro or PackEdge applications. In other words, ArtPro+ can run with ArtPro and PackEdge licenses.

In order to use the latest ArtPro+ 18.1 application, you need to request ArtPro 18.1 or PackEdge 18.1 license.

  • The installers of ArtPro 18.1 and PackEdge 18.1 will only become available in November 2019
  • ArtPro 18.0 and PackEdge 18.0 will run with the new 18.1 license

How to get the license

  1. Go to and sign in with your Esko ID.
  2. If you see an 'upgrade available'-flag it means that there is a newer version available, but you don't have the necessary licenses yet.
  3. You can request your upgrade licenses as follows:
    1. Click the Upgrade Now button
    2. Verify the e-mail address (update if necessary) and click Submit
  4. You will receive your upgrade licenses via e-mail within three business days.

If you don’t see the Upgrade Now buttoncontact Esko Support to request your upgrade licenses.

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