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When using DeskPack, Dynamic Content and Studio plugins on Mac OS, you may experience random crashes of Adobe® Illustrator® after updating it to CC 2019 version 23.0.5 or newer or CC 2020 version 24.0.2, when one or more of your Esko plugins are using a network license and was idle for more than 30 to 45 minutes.


Adobe® Illustrator® crashes without any crash report or notification after it was started up more than 30 minutes ago.


We are working closely with Adobe and Flexera, the Esko licensing service provider, to resolve the issue.

 We have released a hotfix that fixes crashes when AI 23.0.5/23.0.6/23.1/23.1.1/24.0.2/24.0.3 is idle for more than 30 minutes.

Hotfix 201811066 for DeskPack, Dynamic Content and Studio 18.0.1 can be found here:

Hotfix 201903080 for DeskPack, Dynamic Content and Studio 18.1 can be found here:

Hotfix 201911035 for DeskPack, Dynamic Content and Studio 18.1.1 can be found here:

It does however not yet solve the issue of Illustrator crashing after Mac wakes up from sleep mode.


The workaround is to downgrade Adobe® Illustrator® to version 23.0.4 or older/ 24.0.1 or older using the Adobe Creative Cloud application.

Adobe® Illustrator® CC 2018 and older are not affected. Adobe® Illustrator® on Windows is not affected either.
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DeskPack 18.1

DeskPack 18.1.1

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Dynamic Content 18.1

Dynamic Content 18.1.1

Studio 18.0.1

Studio 18.1

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