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Proof fails in Send To Proof server task with "Unknown spot colors detected Job has errors".


A job with one or more designer inks is launched with the Proof for Contract/Content Approval. The ticket uses a color strategy that uses an equinox profile. The job fails in the Send to Proof Server subtask. The logfile gives following error message: "Unknown spot colors detected Job has errors"


The job has an ink that is also used in the profile but from a different ink book. For example: the job includes an Orange from the designer ink book:

The profile includes an Orange from the ClassicColors ink book:

Solution 1

  1. Rename the designer ink in your designer book and also in your job.  E.g. Orange to MyOrange.
Orange and MyOrange are two different inks.

Solution 2

  1. Modify the ink in the job to use the same ink book as the one used in the profile. 
  2. Open the job in an editor (e.g.: PackEdge) where the ink book can be adapted:
  3. Only one Orange (from ClassicColors) is used.
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