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Esko Visualizer technology can visualize 3D simulations of specific finishing effects, such as varnish. A Finishing Profile defines how the separations of a given PDF are mapped to these effects.

Share & Approve comes with nine default Finishing Profiles:

  • Uncoated Paper
  • Matt Coated paper
  • Gloss Coated Paper
  • Clear Film Label
  • Corrugated Liner (Brown)
  • Foil Board
  • Holographic Board
  • Metallized Film
  • Wrinkled Foil

Each profile maps the separations named "White, Gold, Silver, Varnish, Emboss and Deboss" to an operation that is suitable for the given substrate.

Share & Approve also lets you use custom Finishing Profiles made by Esko's Studio Visualizer (a plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator®). This article describes how to use a custom Finishing Profile in Share & Approve. It assumes you are familiar with creating a Finishing Profile in Studio.


  1. Create an operation stack in Studio using the Finishing Operations palette and select Export Finishing Profile
  2. Upload the graphical document along with the exported .stf file to your Share & Approve site
  3. Open the graphical document in the Share & Approve Viewer
  4. Click the 3D button in the toolbar
  5. The 3D Setup widget appears. Open the Finishing Profile drop-down in the widget and select Configure Custom Finishing Profile
  6. Select your finishing profile from the list and click Use Default Separation Mapping
  7. Click Preview to see your 3D visualization in action
  8. If you are an Editor or an Approval Master, you can save these settings to remember it whenever the document is opened.
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