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  • KB240070897: Automation Engine - ArtPro Action 'Gravure Jobticket' errors with "ArtPro Rip: Can't read cache file"
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The Gravure Jobticket ArtPro Action may require a lot of disk space for caching purposes. When there is insufficient disk space, it can happen that the task fails.

The amount of necessary space may change drastically depending on the complexity of the job.

The ArtPro Action List task with the Gravure Jobticket step fails with the following log messages:

INFO: ArtPro Rip: Can't read cache file.
INFO: Gravure Jobticket Export Failed!
ERROR: Workflow failed


Release as much space from the Automation Engine installation disk as possible, or increase its size.

Relocate the temporary files to another disk, see:

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