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A new Share & Approve user cannot access Share & Approve because he/she cannot activate his/her EskoID. The button Request a New Token isn't helpful. 


When a user tries to activate his/her EskoID to be used in Esko Share&Approve, a message as below is displayed.

Token Expired. Your account activation token is no longer valid.

Clicking Request a new token opens a dialog where people can notify Esko that the link isn't working. 

The Administrator of the Share & Approve site is unaware of the problem and also has no solution. 


The typical reason is the expiration of the activation link. The link expires after 30 days. So when the invited user waits too long before activating his/her account, the above message will be displayed.  


The user should click Request a new token. This will show a dialog as below.

We suggest filling it with the following information:

  • E-mail we should use to contact you: E-mail address of the user who tries to activate (so his/her EskoID)
  • What do you need help with: 'I cannot login'
  • Message: 'Activation token no longer valid'. 

Based on this e-mail, Esko service will re-generate the activation e-mail. This is a manual process so it can take up to 24 hours. 

If nothing happens after 48 hours, send an e-mail to referring to this article and providing the same information as above. 

We will add an ability for the Administrator to re-generate an activation link (and meanwhile also foresee a way to reset the password) in an upcoming version of Share & Approve.  

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Share & Approve 

Created 25-Apr-2019
Last revised 24-Sep-2019
Author HADW
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