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Share & Approve is an Esko Cloud application for review and approval of graphic and structural design files. The name 'Share & Approve' might not be visible or recognized by you. Instead, your business partner might have configured their Share & Approve with a custom name, often reflecting their company name. You typically need to login first time because you are invited a first time to view or approve a document, for example a packaging label. 

Access to Esko Share & Approve happens with an Esko ID. Esko ID is like an AppleID. It is a username/password combination you can use on multiple Esko applications. If you are invited to Share & Approve, the person who invited you has created an Esko ID for you. However, for security reasons, you need to confirm it yourself. 


Depending on what the person who invited you did, you will have received one or two e-mails. Both e-mails have as sender Firstname Lastame <>, where Firstname Lastname is the person who invited you and is fixed. 

  • An e-mail 'Please complete your registration for ApplicationName of CompanyName
    • This e-mail is sent only once for each Esko ID. If you don't find it immediately in your mailbox, it might have been sent some time ago. Please also check your deleted items folder and your spam folder. 
  • An e-mail 'Document Shared' or 'Please Approve' (or yet other subjects since these subjects can be customized)
    • This e-mail is sent for each shared document or folder, including when approval is requested. 
    • They mostly contain a 'View Document' button

You must first confirm your Esko ID before you can logon to the application. For this, open the first e-mail ("Please complete your registration..."). 

Click the link below 'Please click on the following link'. 

This opens a page where you:

  • Enter a new password: Choose any sufficiently complex password
  • Repeat password: enter again the same password
  • A forgot your password question (note this down somewhere).
  • Click Create My Account

After you clicked Create My Account, you will normally be brought into the application. If that does not happen, you can click on the bottom link in the complete your registration form. However that will mostly not be necessary. 

The application will show you the documents you have currently access to. It is possible that this is still nothing. In that case you will get a message 'You have no access to any sites'. In that case, wait for more e-mails (of the second type) and click the View Document or View Folder button in those e-mails.

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