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All Automation Engine workflows stop processing every day or night during exactly the same time interval. One or more queue status icons are orange in that period of time, but green the rest of the day.


All your Automation Engine workflows stop processing every day or night at the same time but do resume after a set period of time.


Check if any of the processing queues are scheduled to be on hold.

In the Pilot → Tools → open tool 'Queue Monitor'. Then open its "Schedule Queue" dialog, to see if a schedule is set for this specific queue. Check this for every queue in the drop-down list. 

This is that dialog in a Pilot on Windows:

This is where you open it on a Mac Pilot:


If none of the queues are set on hold when the problem occurs, then other plausible causes are:

  • A backup system that is activated every day at exactly the same time and which blocks Automation Engine from accessing files.
  • A virus scanner that starts to scan folders on the Automation Engine server or on your file server every day at the same moment. This can also block file access by Automation Engine.
  • If no backup system or virus scanner is active, then the Automation Engine log files may provide more information to find the cause of the issue. You need administrator rights on the Automation Engine server to retrieve these log files. Fill out your AE server name in this link http://Your-AE-Server-Name-Here:9999/serveradmin/faces/statusoverview.xhtml. On the browser-page, click the top-most button named "LOG FILES" to download the file "" which contains the logging information. Please include this zip file and an indication of when the problem occurred, when you request Esko Support to investigate the problem.


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Automation Engine 14.1.1

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