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Submit to CDI task fails with the error:

Problem obtaining http-url for file:////servername/sharename/Folder/DFStemp/output/date/id/filename.par using base file:////Servername/sharename/Folder/DFStemp/"


Submit to CDI task fails with

  • 40793:cdijob.xml
  • 40793:CSVMAE1611_20180924-153036_3.par
  • Handling file://
  • mapping \\\CC-SW-Problemlog-gent\Poolservers\csvmae1611\DFStemp\output\20180924\4519555881142822375\CSVMAE1611_20180924-153036_3.par towards file:////
  • Problem obtaining http-url for file://// using base file://// 


This issue is caused due to the case mismatch between the URL in Configure > Plate Merger > Output Folder (file:// and the URL as in the Containers > Location (file:// The Java URI that is used to submit the job to the CDI is case sensitive, so you will have to correct this. 

When using the Browse button in the Configure > Plate Merger > Output Folder, you'll browse through the mounted Containers, so you should not get this situation. This looks like someone manually entered the path here.


Saving an entry in Configure does not store the changes if the only change is a changed case! Meaning if you just replace a capital by a lowercase here (or vice versa), and save, the change will not be stored! You'll need to do this in two steps if you want to keep the original location:

  1. Change the case and add something (anything) to the current location (f.i. file://Servername/sharename/Folder/DFStemp/ > file://servername/sharename/Folder/DFStemp/xxxxxx)
  2. Save
  3. Remove the added string (file://servername/sharename/Folder/DFStemp/xxxxxx > file://servername/sharename/Folder/DFStemp)
  4. Save
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