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In WebCenter, a user starts a Workflow which submits a Workflow in Automation Engine. I would like to have this user's details available in the Automation Engine workflow for tracking and/or communication purposes.  


A prerequisite for this to work, is that the user that starts the workflow, is an actual member of the Project the workflow is started in.

  1. Add an empty excel file with (at least) the desired headers (Id/UserName/LastName/FirstName/Email) to the Listmanager project. 
    Note: These headers have to correspond with the column names of the Users table in the WebCenter database. The ones mentioned above do match. 
    Note: There are more columns in that table, but most are useless/irrelevant for this use case, you should get around with the ones mentioned above
    Note: You can use the attached excel file, which has the above mentioned headers. User_List.xlsx

  2. Under Attributes > Lists, create a New List
    We'll call it UserList (and continue using this name throughout this article) 
    Use Excel Document as Input Source Type, select the uploaded excel file as Document, and specify the Sheet Name to be used (Sheet1 in this case) 
    DISABLE the option Flush existing list data before updating the List. The existing data will be replaced by the new data!
    ENABLE the option Use the built-in 'webcenter' database User account to create the database table
    As Use an existing database table for storing the data, fill in Users
    Leave all Input Columns enabled, enable the Id column as Unique Identifier

  3. Create an Attribute for the fields you want to use (UserName, FirstName, LastName, Email)
    Type: Text
    ENABLE the option Attribute is also a Task Specification.

  4. In the Task Type, add the Task Specifications you want to use (UserName, FirstName, LastName, Email)

  5. In the Task Type, in the Workflow, add a Set Workflow Specification task.
    Add a Workflow Specification for every value you want to pass on. We'll use UserName as an example: 
    Select UserName as Workflow Specification
    For Value, click the SmartName icon, select Other, select List
    List Name: UserList
    Result from List Column: UserName
    Lookup from List Column: Id
    Lookup Value: <taskownerid/>

  6. When you save the value, and reopen this window, you will see the <taskownerid/> value has resolved/changed into a system SmartName. Do not change this!

  7. In the Submit Workflow task, in the Workflow Parameters tab, enable the option Add all Task Specifications.

  8. When running this Workflow, you will find the defined Workflow Specifications as Workflow Parameters in the launched Automation Engine Workflow

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