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Instructions to script the installation of the DeskPack, Dynamic Content and Studio Illustrator plugins on macOS.


Configure the installation process

  • Create a file named InstallationConfig.txt in /Users/Shared/EskoArtwork/DeskPack. This file contains key-value pairs that influence the installation and initial configuration of the Illustrator plugins.
    The syntax is as follows (each entry must be put on a separate line):

    InstallationConfig.txt syntax

    The available options are:

    OptionAccepted ValuesDescription
    SilentTrue/False (default = False)When True, the installation process will not require user interaction.
    DefaultNetworkLicenseTrue/False (default = True)Whether the plugins try to obtain a network license by default or not. This can be changed after installation in the Network License Setup dialog in Illustrator Help > Esko > Esko Plugins... > Network License Setup
  • Determine which components to install.
    1. In a Terminal, run 

      Retrieve ChoiceChangesXML
      installer -showChoiceChangesXML -pkg <path to installer pkg>

      This will print a configuration xml file for the installer. Save the result as an xml file.

    2. The file contains a <dict></dict> block for each setting containing three key-value pairs: attributeSetting, choiceAttribute and choiceIdentifier. For each block where the choiceAttribute equals selected, set the attributeSetting to 1 or 0 to include or not to include the component. The name of the component is described in the choiceIdentifier.

      Do not change the attributeSetting of a <dict></dict> block where the choiceAttribute equals selected if there exists another block with the same choiceIdentifier where the choiceAttribute equals enabled and the attributeSetting equals false. Doing so would disable the installation of a component critical to the proper functioning of the software.

Execute the installer

Adobe® Illustrator® must be closed before installation. When automating the installation process in a script, this must be ensured by the script before executing the installer.

In a Terminal or script run:

Execute Installer
sudo installer -applyChoiceChangesXML <path to xml file created above> -pkg <path to installer pkg> -target <path to volume on which the software must be installed>

The target volume must contain an Adobe® Illustrator® installation. Executing installer -volinfo -pkg <path to installer pkg> in a Terminal will list all volumes that can be used.


For more information on the installer utility see the corresponding man page (execute man installer in a Terminal).

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Applies to

DeskPack 20.0.1 and newer

Dynamic Content 20.0.1 and newer

Studio 20.0.1 and newer



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