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When using Illustrator CC 2020, all DeskPack Plugin palettes are cropped making it impossible to use the plugins as needed.


  • Palettes do not show all options and appear cropped.
  • This is the case whether they are stacked or on their own.
  • All non-Esko plugins work perfectly fine.


This is a known issue with Illustrator CC 2020 connected to the UI with scaling set to the value we cannot achieve and wrong preference handling.


  1. Open Illustrator
  2. For Windows: go to Edit Preferences User Interface
  3. For Mac: go to Illustrator Preferences User Interface
  4. Move the UI scaling slider right.
  5. Restart Illustrator.
  6. Follow steps 1 to 3 and then move UI scaling slider back to the left.
  7. Restart Illustrator.
  8. Now all Esko palettes are at 100%, i.e. slightly smaller than Illustrator, but no longer cut off.
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 DeskPack 18.1.1



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