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When you try to start FlexoPerfection version 10 or 12 using network licenses, it fails with error message:

"The application cannot start; No valid dongle found"


FlexoPerfection 10 or 12 is installed on a (new?) workstation, the required FlexoPerfection 10 network licenses are on a license server.

Possibly other Esko applications (Editors) installed on the workstation work fine using the license server licenses.

When trying to start FlexoPerfection, an error message "The application cannot start; No valid dongle found" pops up:


In the Environment Variables (This PC > Properties > Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables... > System Variables), change the value of the variable LM_LICENSE_FILE from "@localhost" to "@hostnameofthelicenseserver":


The Esko Editors have a setting in their Preferences to define the license server (by its hostname), FlexoPerfection does not have this, so it needs to be set in the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable (which defines the default license server for Esko applications). 

The last officially supported OS version for FlexoPerfection 10 and 12 is Windows 7. FlexoPerfection 10 and 12 may work on Windows 10 (or future versions), but this is not guaranteed.

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FlexoPerfection 10.0

FlexoPerfection 12.0



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