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Installation fails with the error "There is not enough space on drive c:\ to extract this package".


When trying to install DeskPack, the following error appears: "There is not enough space on drive c:\ to extract this package"


Try below options to solve the issue.

Option 1: Confirm there is enough disk space on the system

Check that your system's temp directory is located on a disk with enough free space. You can view and change where your temp directory is pointing to by going to Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables, then under User Variables and System Variables look for TEMP and TMP.

Option 2: Reboot the system

Rebooting will clear up the available address space available on the machine, which is usually what causes this error.

Option 3:  Unzip the self-extracting installer executable

Use 7-Zip or another extractor application to extract the contents of the installer package into a local folder.

Simply right click the DeskPack Installer .exe and choose to extract the files to a folder on your hard drive.

Once the files are extracted, go to the folder you extracted the files to and right click to run the setup.exe as 'Admin'. 

Option 4:  Re- Download the DeskPack

It may be possible that the DeskPack Setup package was not fully downloaded and is corrupt.  Try downloading the package again.

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