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Beginning with the Automation Engine 20.0 release, it became possible to configure the Automation Engine Viewer to View PDF files "As in ArtPro+" or "As in PackEdge".

When the Automation Engine Viewer configured to View PDF files "As in ArtPro+" (Pilot > Tools > Configure > Viewer), files will be locked when Viewing.

This could cause issues when trying to remove, move, or rename files. It could also cause a workflow to fail if the file opened in the Viewer is to be overwritten by a step in the workflow.


Make sure to close the Viewer window when done viewing a file.

Please note this behavior is the same as Acrobat, it will also lock a file when it is opened in Acrobat.


This behavior is considered to be a limitation, not a bug.

This behavior is also documented in our online documentation, example being here:


When a PDF file is opened in the Viewer, and when the Viewer is configured to view PDF Files "As in ArtPro+", then this file will be locked and you can not rename or delete it unless you first close the file in the Viewer.

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