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We have discovered a serious compatibility issue between the March 2022 update of Adobe Illustrator 2022 and Esko plug-ins. We strongly urge you to immediately check if you have affected Esko plug-ins installed (including expired trials) and immediately take preventive action.


Adobe® Illustrator® will fail to start up if you have Esko plug-ins installed, even if your license or trial has expired.

The issue only occurs with the combination of Illustrator 26.2 and most Esko Plug-ins of version 21.11.

You can check the version of Illustrator in the Illustrator About screen, or in the Creative Cloud app. You can check the version of your plug-ins by choosing Esko > Plug-ins... in the Illustrator help menu.

Affected Esko Plugins

If your Illustrator help menu does not show the option Esko > Plug-ins..., then you can be sure that you do not have any affected plug-ins installed and you do not need to take any further action.


There are several solutions to prevent the problem. If you can't execute your preferred solution today, then you should at least disable auto-update in the Adobe Creative Cloud application.

Solution 1: Update your Esko Plug-ins to 22.03

The issue has been resolved in the latest 22.03 release of our plug-in products, released on March 28 (available at

License required

For this solution you will need new licenses or an active subscription.

Solution 2: Install Hotfix for 21.11

If you choose to stay on version 21.11, then you can install this hotfix:

Solution 3: Remove your plug-ins 

If you have Esko plug-ins installed but you are no longer using them (an expired trial for example), then you can choose for Solution 2, or remove your Esko plug-ins as described in this article: 

If you experienced this crash before installing the hotfix for version 21.11 or upgrading to version 22.03, you may still receive the following pop-ups after installing the hotfix or upgrade:


To resolve:

  1. Select the Disabled check box seen in the second pop-up and then click Enable on Relaunch

  2. Close Illustrator and relaunch

If Illustrator continues to crash, you will need to reinstall your plugins following the below knowledge base article:

KB74646867: DeskPack, Studio, Dynamic Content - Uninstalling Illustrator Plugins on macOS and Windows

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DeskPack - Studio - Dynamic Content 21.11 in combination with Adobe Illustrator 2022 (26.2)



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