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  • At the end of the ArtPro 22.03 installation on a Mac with OS version 12.3, the install wizard stated that an error occurred during installation.
  • You are unsure what build number to expect.


Install ArtPro 22.03.
When the installer is nearly done, the wizard shows this error:

When checking the installation location, the application has been installed in the root folder as "".


ArtPro 22.03 was actually installed successfully but the last steps of that process, which involve a.o. the creation of the application folder, failed - on macOS12.3 only.

From April 4 until April 11, 2022 (morning) we provided a hotfix build to resolve this installer issue. As of April 11, 2022 (afternoon) we replaced the official installers, making the hotfix build obsolete.


  • if you requested an ArtPro or PowerLayout 22.03 build before April 11 and did not encounter any installation issues (because your Mac has version 10.14->12.2), you can continue to use that version. The build number will be 10020 in that case.
  • if you requested an ArtPro or PowerLayout 22.03 build before April 11 and did have any installation issues (because your Mac has version 12.3), you could choose to keep working with the hotfix build 10022 if you installed it. But you are better off simply requesting a new official build, as this will install ArtPro in the expected "ArtPro 22.03" (and PowerLayout in the "PowerLayout 22.03") folder.
    • Log onto, select ArtPro 22.03 and click the "Request Build" button.
    • On your hard drive, remove the previously installed "" / "" file or the "ArtPro 22.03 Build 10022" folder / "PowerLayout 22.03 Build 10022" folder.
    • Run the new installer
    • The installed software will have build number 10023 in this case.
  • if you are requesting an ArtPro or PowerLayout 22.03 build for the first time on or after April 11 (afternoon), no installer issues are expected on any supported platform version (macOS10.14->macOS12.x).

Even though the build number (10023) differs from the original one (10020), the only difference is the installer. No changes were done to the ArtPro/PowerLayout code itself.

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