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Why is the following message displayed when you Launch a Trap Task from Adobe® Illustrator®?

"You are connected to Automation Engine 12.1 or later. The old tickets "Trap - Prepare Trap Pairs" are marked as deprecated."

I am using PowerTrapper type of trap task, not the old, deprecated trap task.


Since the old Prepare Trap Pairs ticket(s) remain available, the warning will continue to be displayed.

It is best to Export, Save for archive purposes, then Delete the old/deprecated Prepare Trap Pairs tickets from Pilot after you have finished migrating these to equivalent PowerTrapper tickets. Use PowerTrapper for trapping documents going forward.

In this way, when the deprecated tickets go away in a future Automation Engine version, you will not be adversely affected. Until that time, at minimum, the Default Prepare Trap Pairs ticket will remain. As is the case, the warning at Launch Trap Task will remain.

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DeskPack 14.1

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CW Number520580