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Is there a way to resize sections on the My Work page to be able to make one, or more, wider or taller so it is no longer necessary to scroll as much within the individual panels?

Is it possible to configure the width or height of individual My Work sections?



It is not explicitly possible to change the width of the individual My Work sections. The widths of each are calculated automatically by WebCenter to dynamically fit your browser window. When setting up a My Work page, you can however choose to only put My Work sections in one column, instead of using both. In this case, stack all needed My Work section in the order of priority. The automatic width of the sections adjusts dynamically to the width of your browser window.


The height of individual My Work section can be controlled. When creating or editing a My Work section, add &h= followed by the desired height in pixels at the end of the URL to do so. For example: iframe.jsp?url= has a height of 400 pixels.

For more information, see Create a My Work Section in the WebCenter User Documentation.

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