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To link variable information (Workflow Parameters or Job Parameters) to an ArtPro Marks file, we can use an ArtPro Action List to update the ArtLink data. This is an easy way to, for example, get XML information into a Marks File.


For this example we want to update text fields with Workflow Parameters.

First prepare the ArtPro (Marks) file with the necessary info.

In the Parameters Manager (File > Parameters) you add all the custom information in the User part. Add a key and a value.


Then link your text with the parameter by using Hot Text in the Text Box window. (Text > Text Box)

Learn more about creating Marks and Hot Text in the ArtPro user manual.


Once the text is linked to the User Parameters it should show these values in your document.


In Automation Engine we will now create an ArtPro Action List that will update the ArtLink data in your ArtPro file.

Add at least 1 key (will be replaced later), right click and select 'Public' to make it visible in the ArtPro Action List ticket. Now save your ArtPro Action List and select it in the Automation Engine ticket.

You will now see the Public part (ExtraKeyValues) in the ticket. Now add all your Parameters Key names in the same way like you typed them in the ArtPro Parameters and add your Workflow Parameter or Job Name in the Parameter Value part.


Now your ArtPro File will be updated automatically with the selected values.


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Automation Engine 12.0 and newer

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