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When opening .DXF file, it opens in manufacturing mode by default. How to import .DXF file in Design mode?


Follow the steps given below to configure the default settings for .DXF files:

  1. In the ArtiosCAD application, go to Options > Defaults.
  2. In the Defaults window that appears:
    1. Select the Oneup radio button to import all .DXF files in design mode.
    2. Select the Layout radio button to import all .DXF files in manufacturing mode.
    3. Select the Auto-Detect radio button to let ArtiosCAD to decide.


The following window appears when you open a .DXF files in ArtiosCAD:

  1. Select Oneup in this window to open the file in Design mode.
  2. If you wish to open the .DXF file in manufacturing mode, select Layout.
  3. Click OK.
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Applies to

ArtiosCAD 12.0.1

ArtiosCAD 12.0

ArtiosCAD 7.7

Last revised8-Apr-13