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How to copy Menu and Variables with its formulas from other ArtiosCAD design files into a new design?


Proceed as follows:


Open the design in ArtiosCAD application and click Design > StyleMaker > Advanced >>. This opens the Advanced StyleMaker window.


In the Advanced StyleMaker window, click the Copy button. In the Copy Variables flyout menu, click the button next to Copy From File: text box to browse and select the .ARD file.


After selecting the required .ARD/design file, select the Menus and Variables to copy/import and click the OK button. You will be prompted with a Copy Menu or Variables window with the Copy Option:

  • Copy entire menu - this option will copy/import the Menu along with itsVariables
  • Copy individual variables - this option will copy/import the variables into the currently selected menu.


To copy/import only a variable or few variables into a existing menu follow the steps 1 and 2, select the required variables of a menu and click the OK button. The selected variables with its formulas will be added.

Article information
Applies toArtiosCAD Advanced StyleMaker all versions
Last revised25-June-13
CW Number166559