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PackEdge hangs during startup at ' building module lwbrix_checker_inkjp'.


Interruption during the startup happens when the Ink Job Parameter module (used to communicate with Automation Engine Server) is compiled in PackEdge.

The error could be due to:

  • The editor at startup time initializes some settings for the Job Parameters tool and there are connection issues with the Automation Engine Server at that moment.
  • The JobID of the current document is asked from the Automation Engine Server (at startup, this is the last opened document in PackEdge), but the connection to the server is down / slow / interrupted or the path of the last accessed file is not accessible anymore (file deleted, share not reachable anymore).


Remove the PackEdge configuration file lwbrixusr.cfg located in the folder %USERPROFILE%. This folder can be found on:

Windows 7: C:\users\<username>

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>

Article information
Applies toPackEdge 10.1
Last revised5-Mar-13
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