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The Smart Task ticket can be used to automate the selection of a certain ticket by using SmartNames.

For example: If the customer of the job is customer3 then we have to use the normalize_customer3 ticket to normalize a PDF file.


In the Task Type section, the Specify the task type by using SmartNames field requires the internal name of the task.

You can find the correct name in the Automation Engine server at: Esko\bg_prog_fastserver_vxxx\dat\locale\ (you can open this file in a text editor).

Or when you select an example task in the Automation Engine Configure - SmartNames, you will also see the correct name appearing as Example Value for the TaskName SmartName.

You can get the same result by loading a default ticket to a workflow by using SmartNames. In this way you don't need to work with the internal name of a task.

  • Open a workflow ticket.
  • Browse to, for instance a Rip to Screened Tiff File ticket and drag it into the workflow.
  • Right click the ticket and choose Load ticket.
  • Click the icon to load as reference via SmartNames.
  • Now specify your smart ticket by using the SmartNames
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Applies to

Automation Engine 12.0

Last revised5-Mar-13
CW Number154648



  1. Anonymous

    It was the help of Jared to translate this which really helped. The "get the same result" window is MUCH easier and more useful as I can see the task type from the icon and not have to look through smart names to decide what it is doing. It is also one step to get the same result.

  2. If you want to use the Smart Task to select a workflow ticket, then the Task Type is "swft" (without the quotes). The ticket name is the name of the workflow as it appears in the Tickets view in the Pilot.