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When launching a Rip task, you cannot change the settings in the Output tab, e.g. choosing another Configuration Set, changing the Output File folder etc.

Settings which are preceded by an icon   (Windows) or   (Mac), are defined in FlexRip Dispatcher.
FlexRip Dispatcher settings overrule Automation Engine ticket settings!

Output File > Path can also be defined in the FlexRip Configurator. This setting overrules both FlexRip Dispatcher and Automation Engine ticket settings!


To change settings in the Output tab of a Rip ticket, follow the steps given below:

In this procedure the Output Location and Configuration settings are used as an example.

  1. Go to the FlexRip server which runs FlexRip Dispatcher.
  2. Open FlexRip Dispatcher.
  3. Under Input Queues, click Esko Server.
  4. Click the Queue Settings... button to open the Queue Settings: Esko Server dialog.
  5. Click the Output tab.
  6. Under Location & Name, remove the file path in the Output Location field.

    If the Output Location field is empty when opening the Output tab, check FlexRip Configurator.
    In the FlexRip Configurator, you should open the used configuration and remove the file path from the output folder field.

  7. Under Configuration Set section, change the Name field to (none).

  8. Click the OK button.
  9. Reopen Automation Engine Pilot to update the settings.


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Automation Engine all versions

FlexRip 12.0

FlexRip 10.0

Last revised17-May-13
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