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When using the Select Same Paint option from the Select menu, not all objects with the same active Paint Style are selected.


In a file that contains several white objects with 0% for all the separations, not all 0% objects are selected when you:

  • select an object
  • use the Select Same Paint option.


This is not considered to be a bug, because ArtPro displays only 2 decimals in the separation percentage values. Which means that if you define a value of e.g. 0.001% in the original application, ArtPro's user interface displays it as 0%. So even though objects appear to have the same Paint Style in the user interface, their values can be internally different.

How to select all 0% objects in this case?
In the Paint Style window, use the All Zero button for problematic objects.
You can:

  • Select all problematic objects and use the All Zero button for all the selected objects at once.
  • Select an individual problematic object and use the All Zero button for that particular object only.
Article information
Applies toArtPro 12.x
Last revised16-May-13
CW Number161573