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On NexusSOAPServer, the "Parameter assistant has not been configured properly" warning appears.


The warning is shown when the Parameter Assistant option is enabled in the NexusSOAPServer module and the MySQL database is not available for use with the Nexus.


Follow the steps given below:

  1. Connect to the Nexus Server using the NexusManager.

  2. Go to View menu > Modules.

  3. Go to NexusSOAPServer module.

  4. In the contextual menu (ctrl+click), choose Edit Defaults.

  5. Check if the Parameter Assistant is enabled or disabled.

First solution is to disable the Parameter Assistant in the NexusSOAPServer module.

If you want to use the Parameter Assistant, then more information is available in the Nexus and Shuttle manual.

What is the Parameter Assistant doing?

Briefly, it stores the public parameters that you've set when submitting a file through Shuttle to a Nexus workflow in a MySQL database. In that case, when submitting the same file again, you get the option to use the same parameters. A connection to a MySQL is needed for this, as these settings are stored there.

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