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Temporary files are not always cleaned up when the FlexProof/E Server fails to proof a job. This article describes which files can be removed in the FlexProof/E server component folder.

By default there is a clean-up action after 5 minutes.


FlexProof 7.0

You can safely delete all the files in the below folders if all FlexProof/E tasks are completed.

  • x:\Esko\FlexProofE_v010\Server\JobFolder\RPF_Input
  • x:\Esko\FlexProofE_v010\Server\Remote\In\JOB_x
  • x:\Esko\FlexProofE_v010\Server\Temp
  • x:\Esko\FlexProofE_v010\Server\Output

Restart the FlexProof/E server component after cleaning the folders. To restart,

  1. Right-click the green icon in the system tray.
  2. Click Restart.

All other later FlexProof versions (e.g. FlexProof 10)

  1. Open the Proof Client.
  2. Switch to the System Manager View mode.
  3. Click System > Clean up > All.
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