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3D Spatials is unable to import IGES or STP files into ArtiosCAD Standard, Enterprise 12.1 and newer versions.


When you try to import an IGES or STP file, the error "Unable to import" appears even though the ArtiosCAD 3D Data Exchange is selected in the features selection page of the installer.


Uninstall ArtiosCAD and reinstall it on a directory that does not have special characters. For example, when ArtiosCAD gets installed under C:\Program Files (x86)\Artios\ArtiosCAD12.1, the "()" are considered special characters and Spatial will not work.  

Also confirm that the Spatial folder is installed on all the clients and when needed, on the server.

The folder is located here: Artios\ArtiosCAD12.1\Program\Spatial. If the Spatial folder is missing, you will need to reinstall ArtiosCAD. You cannot copy the folder from another location.

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ArtiosCAD 12.1 and newer

ArtiosCAD Enterprise 12.1 and newer

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