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To activate your Esko licenses, you need a product key or a product key file (HTML-file). Where can you find them?

A product key looks like this: ABCDEF-123456-GHIJKL-789012-MNOPQR (5 times 6 characters). Esko has many products that require multiple product keys, therefore, they are bundled in HTML files (product key files). A product key file looks like this:


If you want to start a trial

You don't need a product key to start a trial. During installation, you'll be asked to start your 30-day trial.

More info:

If you bought a license, requested an upgrade or requested an extension of a temporary license

We typically send your product key files via e-mail, to the requester or the contact person of the order (Please also check your Spam or Junk Mailbox). The product key files (HTML-files) are compressed to ZIP-files. To unzip them, you can use the standard tools that are freely available.

You can also download your licenses via

You can find more info here:

If you bought a subscription

You don't need a product key or product key file if you have a subscription, instead you need to assign subscriptions to the respective Esko IDs via (if you don't have access, go to and make sure you have the 'License Admin'-role (or ask your Organization Owner to give you the License Admin role).

You can find more info here: 

If you want to transfer your Esko software to a new computer

If you want to transfer your Esko software to a new computer, you need to deactivate your licenses on the original computer first. During deactivation, you will be asked to create a HTML-file with all your licenses (DeactivatedKeys.html). You'll need to use that file to activate the licenses on the new computer.

  • If you don't have the DeactivatedKeys.html, you can also download your licenses via
  • If you weren't able to deactivate the licenses, please contact Esko Support to deactivate the licenses for you.

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