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In some cases when a user is attempting to create large PostScript files, it's possible that he or she will encounter the following error: "Output file too large (> 2GB)".


Upon creating the PostScript (.PS) file, the following error occurs: "Output file too large (> 2GB)".


This error is caused by an internal memory limit. Hence, it's not possible to create a fix for this error. However, in most cases it's still possible to output to PostScript correctly by optimizing the document.


Optimize the original artwork document by doing one of the following:

  • Disable the option Output Gradients as Images via More Settings in the Print Settings window.
  • Use Lossless compression via More Settings in the Print Settings window.
  • Adjust the image's dpi according to the printing lpi.
  • Down-sample and replace images where ever possible.

As PostScript is an old technology and is not actively maintained anymore, it is best to migrate from PostScript to PDF.

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