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When activating a Network License, you get the following error:

Expectation: Cannot connect to license server.
Internal Error Message: The FLEXlm License Manager is not running, so the network licenses will not be available. 

"There are no more licenses available for this product key" is not relevant for this KB article as it results in an empty Network License Manager. At our side the licenses will be shown as active.


  1. Go to the Local Services by navigating to Start > Control Panel > Administrator Tools > Services.
  2. Select FLEXlm License Manager and click Start
  3. Select FlexNet License Service and click Start
  4. Select FlexNet License Service 64 and click Start (if available).


If the above given solution does not solve the problem, ensure that the firewall settings do not block the communication between the FLEXlm License Manager (lmgrd) and the 'esko' daemon processes.

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Last revised11-Feb-14
CW Number210947