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FM screening defined in one-up PDF file is not applied in the PDF RIP when sending the S&R file.


Even though FM screening was defined in the one-up PDF file, it is not applied in the PDF RIP when sending the S&R file.


Nexus Processor and the Nexus RIP are configured on separate machines. The screening of the RIP is up to date with the latest tiles but on the Processor machine there is no PCC Screening folder copied (it is not required to have the tiles on a Nexus Processor server).

Since Nexus supports Esko Screening, the screens.db is no longer taken into account. It now uses the screens2.db that is build every time the Control is launched. This screens2.db checks which screens are installed and adds them into a database file.

Since no PCC screening folder was available on the Processor machine, the FM screening was not available in this database file and the Nexus Processor does not know about the FM screening, converts the screening in the file to conventional screening and gives a screening error (you can avoid this error by switching ON the Ignore Screening errors option).

Install the PCC screening folder on the Nexus Processor server too, to avoid screening errors in the Processor workfllows.

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Nexus 9.5

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