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How to Archive/Restore old PostScript type 1 fonts in Esko Software Suite 12.x?


The new Archive/Restore is unable to archive/restore the old PostScript type 1 fonts. This is due to the fact that these fonts have a data fork and a resource fork. Windows doesn't recognize the resource fork.

Long term solution is to purchase newer fonts.

  • For Brix based tasks such as 'Normalize PDF/PostScript/AI', you can either use TrueType or OpenType fonts.
  • For Apply ArtPro action lists, you can only use TrueType fonts.

To be able to still archive the old PostScript Type 1 fonts, do the following:

  1. Copy the font from Automation Engine to a MAC computer using AFP.
  2. Compress the font on the MAC computer.
  3. Copy this compressed file (.zip) back to the Job folder.

To restore the font back to Automation Engine, do the following:

  1. Copy the compressed file (.zip) from the Job folder to a MAC computer.
  2. Decompress the font on the MAC computer.
  3. Copy the extracted font to Automation Engine using AFP.

If you often need to Archive/Restore these fonts, you can automate this procedure using a script on the MAC computer ('script runner').

Alternatively, you can convert this font to either TrueType or OpenType. Be aware that the resulting font is not 100% same as the original font. So text shifts can occur if you replace the PostScript font to the converted ones in existing documents.

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