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When ripping in Automation Engine, you get the following error message in the details: "Could not start FlexRip process".


  1. Go to the logging file located in Esko\bg_data_flexripflavour_vxxx\p\Logging\trace_0
    e.g. Esko\bg_data_flexripp_v121\p\Logging\trace_0

  2. Open the file in a text editor.

  3. Scroll down until you see the error message. 

  4. You will see the following error message:

    Could not copy ini file "filepath", Error = 3
    Failed to open local ini file "filepath"
    Failed to queue ini file "filepath"
    Could not start FlexRip process


The error occurs due to path not found.

  1. Go to the file path as shown in the error message.
  2.  Search the specified folder. (e.g. In this case, the tmp folder).
  3. If the folder is not available, create a new folder with the exact same name on the path location specified in the error message. 


Do not delete folders in the Esko\bg_data folder.

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