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Upon starting ArtPro, the following message pops up: "Could not initialize the license system".

This can for instance, happen after a crash of your Mac or after the migration of an existing OS X user account to a new system.


  1. Error during startup of ArtPro: "Could not initialize the license system".
  2. ArtPro quits.


Primary solution

In case of local (single node-locked) licenses:

  1. Make sure ArtPro is closed.
  2. On your workstation, open the Local License Manager application from the Applications folder.
  3. Look for licenses that display "Broken" as a Status.
  4. Select the broken license(s) and click the Repair button on the bottom of the Local License Manager's window. Alternatively, you can also click the Repair All button.
  5. Restart ArtPro.

If the primary solution didn't solve the issue, or if you have network licenses proceed to the secondary solution below.

Secondary solution

Use this solution with caution and preferably after having discussed with an Esko Customer Support personnel.

  1. Make sure ArtPro and any License Manager application is closed.
  2. Reboot your workstation.
  3. Navigate to the following folder using OS X's Finder application: /Library/Preferences/FLEXnet Publisher/FLEXnet
  4. Remove all (and only) items that start with "esko_00426a00" in the name.
  5. In case of local licenses: Reactivate your licenses in the Local License Manager application and restart ArtPro. For information on how to activate a license, see: 
  6. In case of network licenses, you don't have to reactivate your licenses. Simply restart ArtPro.
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ArtPro 9.6.6 and newer

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