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Can you put the name of the PDFPLA file in a text mark in the JDF Step & Repeat task?


This is possible, but it requires Plato or PackEdge to create a SmartMark file.

  1. In Plato (or PackEdge), create a new file in the bg_data_marks_v010/dat folder on your Automation Engine Server.
  2. Define a new SmartMark. In the SmartName interface, select Document in the left column, and then File name in the right column. The SmartMark setup displays it as [jobname 0].
  3. In Automation Engine Pilot, open the settings of the JDF Step & Repeat task.
  4. In the SmartMarks: option, select the file you just created.
  5. This will apply the name of the PDFPLA without the extension, in the text mark in the PDFPLA file.
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Applies to

Automation Engine 12.1.1

Plato 12.1.1

Automation Engine 10.1.1

Plato 10.1.1

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CW Number196639