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It can happen that ArtiosCAD cannot handle 3D conversion, some 3D imports, actions in 3D, etc. ArtiosCAD hangs or crashes and must be restarted to be able to continue working.


  • ARD file > convert to 3D > application hangs/ gets stuck.
  • A3D file is opened but when copying an object/ changing the view angle/ other actions, ArtiosCAD hangs/ is frozen/ white screen appears.


For a good 3D experience, there are different elements that influence the behavior.

  • Read the System requirements of the concerned ArtiosCAD version: check the properties of your display adapter and compare with what is recommended. The better the card, the better the 3D functionality will work.
  • Update the graphical cards driver:
    • Go to the Windows Search field and fill in Device Manager.
    • Go to Display Adapters > choose Update Driver Software in the contextual menu of the external graphical card (there can be a built in one which is probably not sufficient for a good 3D experience) and go through the wizard.
  • Graphical card configuration: even if your graphical card has enough memory, you can influence its use. For example, via the NVIDIA Control Panel, you can always link the ArtiosCAD application to use the high end chip (choose High performance NVIDIA processor to be used for ArtiosCAD). Ask you local IT department to assist.

  • In ArtiosCAD > Defaults > Startup defaults > 3D Rendering mode, switch between Direct3D and OpenGL and test if this change improves the behavior. This depends per OS/ graphical card.
  • In ArtiosCAD > Defaults > 3D View mode:
    • Uncheck Graphics in case you often have problems to import a file with heavy graphics on it.
    • View options on open *.A3D: select Default setting.
    • View options on convert to 3D:  select Default setting.
    • 3D Rendering and Image Quality: set on Low.
  • ArtiosCAD version 7.60, Build 718 + 733: there are known 3D problems in these versions, please contact support to get the patch to upgrade to Build 786 or even better, upgrade to the latest version.
If even after checking the above elements, you still have specific problems/ incorrect results on screen of your 3D file, contact Esko support and send us the concerned file(s).
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