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When I try to install ArtPro on Mac Lion, Mountain Lion or Mavericks, I get an error about the installer being damaged and it can't be opened.


Not able to install ArtPro on a new Mac.


  1. Open ArtPro 12.0.1 Intel disk image. Double-click the ArtPro 12.0.1.mpkg file to launch the installer.
  2. If a pop‐up dialog appears with the message: "'ArtPro 12.0.1.mpkg’ is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash.", do not move it to Trash.
  3. Instead, open the Mac “Security & Privacy” System Preferences. Click the lock to be able to make changes and enter the Administrator password.
  4. Change the “Allow applications downloaded from:” settings to “Anywhere”.
  5. Launch the ArtPro installer again. It should now work.
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