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When I search for Projects or Documents with a certain Attribute value, I find Projects/Documents that do not have this Attribute. Why do these Projects or Documents appear in the Search Results?

When searching for Projects/Documents with a certain Attribute value, the Search Results show Projects/Documents that used to have this value, but now no longer have this Attribute assigned. Why?

Why is the Attribute value column empty even though a Search term was entered for that Attribute?


In WebCenter, it is possible to assign Attributes to a Project or Document using an Attribute Category. This makes it easy to find back specific (types of) Projects/Documents by searching for a specific Attribute value.

In some situations, the WebCenter Administrator might have changed the Attribute Category of a Project/Document to a new Category that no longer contains the Attribute you are searching for. However, this Project/Document will still be displayed in the Search Results. The Attribute value field in the Search Results will be blank in this case, because at this moment, the Attribute is no longer assigned to the Project/Document. It would cause confusion if it would show the value, because that value cannot be found anywhere in the Project anymore.

This means, old search queries will still work for these Projects and Documents.

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