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When you convert an .ARD file to MFG file, the following warning may appear if the design has a zero-length line. Zero length lines cause confusion in many output devices.

Warning: design has some zero length lines. It is recommended that zero length 
lines are removed before using this design in manufacturing. Delete zero length 


The following warning appears when you convert an .ARD file to MFG file:


Ways in which a zero length line could be created:

  • Specifying 0 lengths for geometric tools
  • Blending two lines together at a 0 degree blend will cause a zero length line.
  • Using the Stretch Point tool and merging two endpoints will cause a zero length line.
  • Some of the ArtiosCAD standards that present style choices to the user leave zero length lines to ensure geometric consistency when the non-selected styles are masked out as the standard is run.

In the warning window, if you click Yes, all the zero length lines are detected and automatically removed without affecting the design.

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ArtiosCAD 12.1.1

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CW Number209262