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Frequently Asked Questions about the CHILI Integration in WebCenter

Q: How does CHILI work within WebCenter?
A: CHILI is a separate application which runs on its own server. WebCenter communicates with that server through predefined calls and integrates the online Editor within it's interface.

Q: Do WebCenter and CHILI run on separate servers?
A: Yes. CHILI runs on its own dedicated server and WebCenter communicates with it.

Q: What data is stored and where is it stored?
A: The CHILI Package is uploaded to WebCenter and stored on WebCenter. WebCenter passes the package on to the CHILI server, where it's processed. On the CHILI server, the Fonts, Images and XML (in the form of a CHILI Document) are be stored.

Q: What is inside a CHILI Package?
A: The package contains converted fonts, preview images and the CHILI XML, which holds everything together. It does not contain the original artwork.

Q: How do WebCenter attributes work together with CHILI in general?
A: In CHILI, it is possible to have variable data, in the form of Variables. Each variable has a name. When WebCenter detects that there are variables in a CHILI document, it will check if there are (project or document) attributes with the same name as these variables. If so, it will be possible to load the values from WebCenter into the CHILI Editor through a popup, or to store the values into WebCenter when saving the document as a new version.

Q: How does this apply when using Dynamic Content?
A: When creating a CHILI file from Adobe® Illustrator®, you can get an overview of CHILI variables. Now we have to create attributes with the same name as the CHILI Name displayed here.

Q: How can we show different views of the Editor to different users of give them different permissions?
A: It is possible to configure different Workspaces and Constraints through the CHILI BackOffice. Each Workspace defines what can be seen in the Editor, while Constraints define what can be done in the Editor. These Workspaces and Constraints can be given to different users through WebCenter Roles. When a user has a specific Role in a WebCenter Project, WebCenter will look if there are Workspaces and Constraints with the same name configured on the CHILI server. If a match can be found, it will be loaded with the Editor. E.g.: a user with the Designer role will open the Designer workspace and Designer constraints if they exist.

When a user has multiple matching roles in the WebCenter Project, he can choose which role the Editor should be opened to.

Q: Is it possible to create a Default Workspace and Default constraints for WebCenter users without a Role?
A: Yes. It is possible to create a workspace and constraints named Default. If these are found, they will be loaded if the user has "update" rights. This will not be loaded for user without this permission. However, it is also possible to create a workspace and constraints named "Read-Only" for the users without these permissions. 

Q: How can I show WebCenter Assets inside the CHILI Editor?
A: In CHILI, there are some possibilities to load external assets from any source (E.g.: External Assets panel, Image variable, ...). These will have the Directory List URL field and Asset List URL. These can be filled out with calls to WebCenter. To select assets for a CHILI Document, you have to configure a Document Template Library in WebCenter for the project that contains the CHILI Documents (Configure tab). When this is done, fill out the following values into the CHILI configuration:
Directory List URL: <WebCenter URL>/GetDocLibraryDirectoryList.jsp;jsessionid=%qs_sessionid%?docversionid=%qs_docversionid%.
Asset List URL:  <WebCenter URL>/GetDocLibraryDocumentList.jsp;jsessionid=%qs_sessionid%?folderid=%id%&documentid=%qs_documentid%.

Q: I am experiencing issues with Adobe® Type 1 fonts in Chili Publisher. Is this supported?
A: At the moment, Chili Publisher supports only TrueType (TT) and OpenType fonts(OTF). There are no immediate plans to change this.

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