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How to apply and/ or change a saved ArtPro-Screenset in an ArtPro File with the ArtPro Processor?


  1. You need a saved ArtPro-Screenfile. Example: A Screenfile with three different Screensets is saved in ArtPro with the name Screenset 1-3. The three Screensets in the saved Screenfile have the names: Screenset_1 + Screenset_2 + Screenset_3.
  2. In the ArtPro Actionlist > Modify Screen menu, you have to enter the name from the wished Screenset, e.g.: Screenset_2, you have to enable Use Screenset and you have to load the ArtPro-Screenfile Screenset 1-3.
  3. This can be done for only selected objects or all objects.
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Automation Engine 10 and newer

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