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When we import a PDF into ArtPro and then export it again to PDF, and then compare both the input and the output file, sometimes some elements are very slightly shifted. Why is this?


The internal resolution of PDFs is infinite. The current internal resolution of ArtPro is 12,000 dpi (dots per inch). This means that when you import a PDF into ArtPro, it needs to place all the objects on its internal resolution. Consequently, it needs to make a decision where to place them on the internal resolution, which doesn't always exactly match the PDF's infinite resolution.
If we quickly grab our calculator:

1 inch = 25.4 mm
12,000 dots per inch/25.4 mm ≈ 472.441
This means that can have a deviation of approximately 1/500 mm or 0.002 mm.

When we place two files on top of each other and then compare them using the Automation Engine Viewer for example, we'll see that the deviation can in fact be ≈ 0.002 mm, give or take some rounding.

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