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It is possible to change the screen based DGC curve used in a FlexProof GDI/ Windows printer setup. It is possible to select a separate DGC for each ink in the list if desired.


  1. Open FlexRipConfig.
  2. Select Proof for Installed Flavours, highlight the Dispatcher then click Modify.
  3. Select the configuration and click Modify.
  4. Go to the Inks tab.
  5. Click on the ink to change under screening parameters. The current DGC for each ink is listed under the DGC column.
  6. Select the DGC or ICPRO to change to from the Screen Based DGC drop-down menu. Click the Set button to assign the DGC. If an ICPRO is selected there will be a prompt asking if this ICPRO should be used for all inks. Click Yes to assign to all inks, No to assign to only the currently selected ink.
  7. Click OK twice, make sure that the PPD is updated, then close out of FlexRipConfig.
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